Bright Product Overview

Smarter File Management - with advanced and intelligent tools

When it comes to management of media files, Bright Technologies has a simple but very efficient approach: make it work better, smarter, and faster.
That’s why all our file management solutions are:


Designed to understand the meaning of sequences, our solutions literally assist you with your everyday tasks and make your life a lot easier!

Sequence-aware: Read and write it properly right away

This special feature will not only tremendously simplify various tasks but will also help to keep the performance of your SAN system. By managing media files in sequences, our tools proactively reduce the rate of fragmentation, randomization, and interleaved files - the main reasons for loss of system performance over time.

Cross-platform: Wherever you need it

Don’t put up with different file managers for the different platforms you work on. Utilize the benefits of our solutions on various platforms.

High-performance in every way.

Conventional IT file managers such as Windows Explorer and Mac OS Finder were not designed to provide you with special features like ”identifying missing frames”, or ”multiple source to multiple target transactions“. With all the other additional features, our solutions are simply unbeatable when it comes to safe, fast, and reliable file management.


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