BrightClip SA

BightClip SA

BrightClip®, our patented recording technology, is not a file system. BrightClip is the ultimate MDC booster that improves the file system - and the most intelligent file allocation solution in the field.

BrightClip is the unique solution that is 100% effective - always.

Intelligent vs. common.

BrightClip is scary smart. By being sequence aware and file format agnostic, it does the thinking for you and ensures optimal file layout on the storage subsystem. BrightClip dynamically adjusts allocation sizes intelligently as necessary - in realtime.
Proactively overcome the problem of file system degradation - for good.

Proactive vs. reactive.

Of course, periodic defragmentation processes might keep the performance of your storage subsystem at peak. However, with BrightClip you can save that time consuming manual effort as BrightClip takes care of the optimal file layout on the disks - proactively when files are written. Let BrightClip handle the problem and do it right in the first place. Forget defrag tools.

Less maintenance effort. Lower costs.

Elimination of performance loss due to file fragmentation, randomization, and interleaved files means no need for time consuming defragmentation processes. Allowing you time for more important things.
The result: more uptime and increased profitability. The ROI with BrightClip is truly impressive.


Key Features

  • Fastest and most efficient solution for optimal file layout.
  • Understands file sequences.
  • Recognizes encoded file names.
  • Intelligently adjusts allocation sizes dynamically.
  • Works natively in all file formats.
  • Supports simultaneous recording of the heterogeneous formats.


  • No loss of system performance.
  • Less effort for housekeeping.
  • Improved space and resource management.
  • Maximize storage system stability, reliability and predictability.
  • Boost your MDC - give it a maintenance-free server file system.

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