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Filmworkers Club (USA)

"Bright Technologies is an expert in high performance media recording technology and their BrightDrive solution is perfect for DI work. BrightDrive enables us to achieve a very high level of efficiency and performance. Using BrightDrive's powerful media sharing technology allows us to significantly speed up the flow of work between the various post-production processes. It is a proven system and provides excellent reliability. Its delivery of media to our teams of operators is smooth and fast.
We've also been impressed by Bright's support staff throughout the installation process."

Todd Freese, CTO
The Filmworkers Club Postproduction, USA

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Box Studios (USA)

"Bright Technologies media sharing technology gives our data management the power, flexibility, and reliability across different hardware and software platforms. Integrating the Bright products into our workflow has elevated our efficiency dramatically by enabling our artists to work in a range of formats and share content without compromising on quality. In addition, Bright's support and service department is very responsive and motivated."

James De Yonker, Chief Operating Officer
The Box Studios, NY

Digital Pictures (Australia)

"Bright is the workhorse of our feature film pipeline. It has been incredibly reliable with no issues – it has always been very solid. (…) The connection speed and the efficiency of the Bright clip is brilliant because it means data is always moving between systems which allows us to consistently keep working on projects. If we have a project on the Bright we can instantly start on the grade and at the same time be picking up those elements that we need from scans or captures for mastering."

Nic Smith, Technical Director
Digital Pictures, Melbourne

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Fame Post-Production (Thailand)

"With BrightDrive, our whole method of working becomes faster, easier to manage and a much smoother process. As a big consumer of advanced technology, we make huge demands from our equipment. BrightDrive is incredibly flexible and powerful, and will enable all our operators to get the most from the systems that we already have in place. This will help us to maintain our reputation for producing high quality work on time and to budget."

Wilaiwan Leelachart, Managing Director
Fame Post-Production, Thailand

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CinePostproduction, Geyer (Germany)

"BrightDrive is a high-performance media sharing system that uses advanced, proven technology. We are impressed with BrightDrive's sophisticated toolsets which are capable of complex DDR-grade data management procedures – in particular, its ability to automatically optimize the layout of data on disks to avoid problems associated with out of sequence frames. With BrightDrive, we have been able to significantly speed up the flow of work between the various postproduction stages by enabling DI operators to share media concurrently. This means we have a more collaborative and thus more creative environment where operators can see each other's work as changes are made in real-time. BrightDrive has reduced our average 'time to completion' and enabled us to greatly improve data handling."

Stefan Mueller, Branch Manager
Geyer Postproduction, Berlin

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Graal SA Postproduction (Greece)

"We chose the BrightDrive system because of its ability to provide flexible, high performance media sharing across all of our post-production equipment. Bright also has an outstanding record of reliability within the post-production industry and meets our demanding standards for quality, precision and security. We believe that the BrightDrive PRO 4 is a valuable asset that will enable us to achieve a seamless workflow combined with high performance and service."

Katerina Economou, President and CEO
Graal SA Postproduction, Athens

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CinePostproduction Bavaria Bild & Ton Postproduction (Germany)

"BrightDrive is giving us solid, high performance media sharing capabilities which are easy to use, fast and reliable. Our workflows are now highly efficient and we have a very collaborative and effective working environment. We have also been able to significantly speed up the flow of work and have reduced our average 'time to completion'."

Jan Froehlich, Business Development, D-Cinema
CinePostproduction Bavaria Bild & Ton Postproduction, Munich, Berlin, Cologne

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Pixion Postproduction (India)

"We chose the BrightDrive solution based on observations and experiences gathered from visiting other facilities, and we were impressed by Bright's specialist knowledge of data recording technology. We own similar systems developed by other manufacturers and have reviewed several alternatives. We've even tried building our own shared storage system but BrightDrive stands apart because it is based on proven, highly advanced intelligence."

Naresh Malik,CEO
Pixion Postproduction, India

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