Professional Services

At Bright Technologies, we have been working with advanced technology for the media and entertainment industry for years – and with nothing but that. That's why we're confident that we possess a knowledge and experience that is simply unequaled.

Bright Technologies has a wealth of experience designing, integrating, and installing SAN solutions of any scale. Collaborating closely with our technology partners, research and design experts, and - most importantly - you, we will define the ideal solution for your company.

Our system engineers receive on-going training to keep their skills fine-tuned and up to date with the latest technologies and developments.

Consulting and Design

What's important? You! And your requirements. We know effective SAN solutions begin with you. We know there's no such thing as the one and only solution for everyone. Your workflow is unique in the world? Demand that your infrastructure is as unique! And delivers what you need when you need it.

Because technology for the media&entertainment industry is our primary expertise, we have a core understanding of workflow evaluation. That's why every consulting, planning, and designing-process begins with a comprehensive assessment of your particular needs. Once this process is complete,we tailor your perfect solution to meet your specific requirements and wishes.

Our clients have found that when utilizing our technical expertise in the initial project phase, there is a significant reduction of changes, hassles and cost in the successful completion of the project overall.

Integration and Installation

Installation to today's facilities is far more than rack-and-stack. Downtime has to be minimized. Compatibility among tools and products confirmed. Progressive staging may be required. Data preservation is needed in many cases.
In short: Successful integration and installation require planning. Bright Professional Services works hard to ensure the highest level of forethought and planning are applied to your installation.

Putting the wrong product in place costs more than money and time; it can cost your reputation among your customers because of the mismatch. We're ready to configure most scenarios and when a specialty environment calls for that extra level of understanding and experience, Bright's Professional Services is available.

Technical Service and Support

Simple approach for best results: Help When You Need It.

No call or customer is ever routine to us.
We customize our service plans to guarantee you will receive exactly the level of service you really need.
If you have multiple sites, we can service them all under a single service plan.

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